Section 377 – A long road to freedom

A five-judge Constitution Bench on Thursday. demolished a 156-year-old British-era provision in the Indian Penal Code that criminalized homosexuality. It marks only a small first step towards gaining society-wide acceptability and robust legal protection for the LGBTQ community.   Limitation of legislature - India has demonstrated time and again that society’s acceptance of social reform rarely flows automatically from legal prescriptions alone and it would require judicial intervention. The contempt over acceptance of homosexuality by several political leaders pose a threat to the judgement because the enforcement of the judicial pronouncement depends on the political and security institution of the state [...]

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Strategic Petroleum Reserves

The Union Cabinet has recently approved the construction of two more strategic petroleum reserves in the country at Chandikhol in Odisha and Padur in Karnataka with an aggregate capacity of 6.5 million tonnes. What are ‘strategic petroleum reserves’? A strategic petroleum reserve is like a piggy bank in which we pour oil. The objective is to save for the periods of shortages or other unforeseen circumstances. With these reserves, the government prepares itself through emergency stores of crude oil to tide over severe supply shocks. They are essentially huge stockpiles of crude oil to keep the wheels of the economy (country) [...]

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Plan Your Preparation for IAS 2019

Just 9 months are left for your Preliminary IAS exam 2019. Planning can seem really a cumbersome task but the IAS Coaching in Chandigarh has become quite easy. Here is a simple strategy crafted for you to ease up your preparation. Find it below 😊 You should cover the General Studies course in 5 months that is, till January only. This should cover topics of both Pre and Mains. Let’s create a timeline for the same; September – Modern India and World History October- Polity, and Governance November- Economics, Internal Security, and Disaster Management December- Geography, and Environment January- International [...]

Deendayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana

The Prime Minister in his address to the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day on 15th August, 2015 announced that the remaining 18500 odd unelectrified villages in the country would be electrified within the next 1000 days. Besides, access to electricity, ensuring quality and reliability of power supply; especially in rural areas, is an important aspect to meet the expectation of people at large. Therefore, an integrated scheme, covering all aspects of power distribution in rural areas was conceptualised and launched by the Government of India for rural areas namely ‘Deen Dayal Upadhyay [...]

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Problems in Civil Aviation Sector

The Indian aviation sector is a complex sector. Its golden era, started with the civil aviation policy in 2003 and lasted until the financial crisis of 2008. The periodic rough weather since then speaks of volumes of fundamental problems that have persisted in the industry, despite the unprecedented growth in it. Details  According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India’s air passenger traffic has grown by at least 16% annually over the past decade. In 2000-01, it stood merely at 14 million passengers, but in 2017, Indian airlines flew nearly 140 million passengers, most of them domestic. It is now [...]

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Incredible Work done by IAS officers during Kerala Floods

The second worst flood after 1924 has already killed 370 people and has shifted 7.8 lakh people to the relief camps. Along with this, there has been a tremendous loss of property as well.  Is it a result of human activity? Or there is someone else who could be blamed? Why floods came in Kerala? Rain, to be precise! The heavy orographic rains of 2,086 mm exerted a huge pressure on the dams which resulted in the release of water. But shall we ignore the deforestation, rapid urbanisation, changing the directions of the rivers and the population density of the [...]

Self-Reliance in Defence Production

Defence Production Policy, 2018 has set ambitious goals for the year 2025 which includes around Rs 1,70,000 crores worth of defence production, Rs 35,000 crores of defence exports and an investment to the tune of Rs 70,000 crores, thereby, creating more than three million jobs domestically and achieving global leadership in cyberspace technology and artificial intelligence. Actions by government  It has identified over 13 product categories and permitted 74 percent FDI in ‘niche’ technologies. The government also plans to develop two defense production corridors (including private sector units) and the establishment of defense innovation hubs. Challenges  It is the manufacturers, not [...]

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Economics of State Budgets

Collectively speaking, the state governments spend much more than the Union Government each year but state budgets do not attract the much-required attention that they generally deserve by the financial analysts. If there is any analysis of state budgets, it is merely an academic exercise by the financial market analysts as the bond market investors can neither reward nor punish the states for their imprudence. The issue  At the aggregate level, the financial implications of state budgets have wider connotations. In this context, the annual study of state government finances by the RBI becomes significant. The latest edition shows that the [...]

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Tackling Undernutrition

There is an urgent need to address poor nutrition in India, especially among the children. We must remember that more than 190 million people sleep hungry every night in India and over half of adolescent girls and women are anaemic, despite a 7 percent compound annual growth rate over the last decade. Background  In 2008, the Prime Minister’s National Council on India’s Nutrition Challenges was constituted. A report titled ‘Addressing India’s Nutrition Challenges’ was submitted in 2010 by the Planning Commission, but nothing changed significantly. Government response  Recently, the government had announced the flagship programme of Ministry of Women and Child [...]

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Digitising Land Records

A modern market economy necessitates a strong system of property rights as per Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto. India lacks badly on this front where land titles are presumptive rather than conclusive. Details  According to some estimates, nearly two-thirds of all pending cases in our courts are related to property disputes. NITI Aayog has accepted that it takes an average of 20 years to settle property cases in India which results into millions of Indians failing to use their principal asset as collateral to borrow from the formal financial channels of the country. Response of Government  Union Government is trying to [...]

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