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12 Full Length GS Tests with Test Discussion Lectures and detailed model answers.

Raj Malhotra’s IAS brings to you the most comprehensive GS mains test series for the UPSC IAS 2018 Mains Examination covering all the aspects of the preparation and ensuring success in the highly competitive mains examination. UPSC can be highly unpredictable and it requires expertise and precision to dodge the bouncers it throws at us. Blending both of these, we present to you a collection of 12 tests which will cover your syllabus for the four GS papers and that too, thrice.

Highlights of the UPSC IAS 2018 Mains Test series by Raj Malhotra’s IAS:

  • Detailed answer evaluation by subject matter experts followed by feedback session

  • Equal importance being given to both the Static & as well as dynamic components of the exam.

  • Coverage of Entire UPSC GS Mains Syllabus Thrice

  • The focus is on making the concepts clear rather than just cramming things. This will ensure a holistic preparation approach.

  • All the tests will be strictly based on the UPSC pattern and all the evaluations will also be made in accordance with the UPSC standards.

  • Flexible testing options with both online as well as offline modes available.

Available modes of test series

Test Series Schedule

Date Test
24th June, 2018 GS 1
1 July, 2018 GS 2
8 July, 2018 GS 3
15 July, 2018 GS 4
29 July, 2018 GS 1
5 August, 2018 GS 2
12 August, 2018 GS 3
19 August, 2018 GS 4
2 September, 2018 GS 1 + 2
9 September, 2018 GS 3 + 4

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