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Main Crash Course

It’s time to “write” your success story!

Before anything else, we wish to congratulate you on your success in the Prelims 2018 exam! We must say, it was not an easy exam and if you have made through till here, grab the opportunity to leave no stone unturned in achieving what awaits you!

The mains exam is all about writing, and writing what is required! To cater to this need, we have designed a course which ensures 360 degree and multidimensional preparation for the Mains exam giving a competitive edge over the thousand other writing the same by focussing on the key element of writing!

Course Highlights

  • Revision of whole GS mains syllabus with special focus on Paper 4 and ethics! Even 0.1 marks can make a huge difference in the UPSC result and we wish to leave nothing to chance!

  • Daily Answer writing practice of minimum 5 questions and intense evaluation by expert faculty to ensure that every aspect of your mains preparation is critically imrpoved.

  • Weekly Mains test series with component as well as full length tests to give you the proper exam hall environment before experiencing it at the UPSC and also inculcating the habit of completing all questions in time.

  • Study Material including monthly summaries of Yojana, PIB, Kurukshetra, The Hindu, Indian Express Editorials, EPW, Down to Earth, etc to provide you with more than enough fodder points to fill up the answers to even the toughest of the questions!

  • Extensive coverage of newspaper editorials, Yojana Journal, AIR News, Govt. reports and other important sources which are fundamental to UPSC preparation

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Batch Schedule

Component Date Instructor
International Relations 18th June, 2018 – 27th June, 2018 Chetan Sharma
Polity and Governance 28th June 2018 – 13th July, 2018 Chetan Sharma
Security and Disaster Management 16th July, 2018 – 25th July, 2018 Vinay Joshi
Ethics and Essay 26th July, 2018 – 10th August, 2018 Anmol Mehta
World History 13th August, 2018 – 17th August, 2018 Bharat Wodhera
Social Issues 20th August – 24th August, 2018 Anmol Mehta
Economy 27th August, 2018 to 7th September, 2018 Raghav Sharma
History, Culture and Current Affairs 7th September, 2018 – 10 days before Exam Raj Malhotra

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