Tips to Crack Punjab Civil Services (PCS) Examination

//Tips to Crack Punjab Civil Services (PCS) Examination

Tips to Crack Punjab Civil Services (PCS) Examination

PCS Examination is tough! If you think it like that then no matter how much you prepare you will not be able to get through it. For you to be able to crack any examination in life you need to have the courage, dedication, confidence in you and most importantly a positive attitude that yes you can do it!

Like any other competitive examination, PCS is a vital exam if you are aspiring to be a part of the Government Officials. Every year limited posts are released which are usually bifurcated amongst the various categories of SC, BC and General Category. This information is release before the examination on the official Punjab Government website and you can choose your option at the time of your clearance accordingly. For more and detailed information you can get in touch with coaching centres and better still get admission in the best PCS Coaching in Chandigarh.

Tips for you to Prepare for PCS Exam:

  • Time Management: This is not a tip but an advice to you. You will need to schedule yourself in a way that you give ample amount of time to your studies. It depends what you are doing in life, maybe you are on a job, you are working somewhere, you are students and need to complete the course, or you are a player and move out a lot. Whatever the circumstances maybe, you will need to manage you time so that none of your chores suffer. So make a time table, plan your work and then you make sure that you are working according to your plan because if you will be in trouble big time.
  • Eat Right! The more you eat the sleepier you will get. Eating at odd hours or eating heavy stuff will make you drowsy and you would want to take naps during the day. You should choose healthier foods, juices, shakes that will keep you light and also make you fit. Don’t forget that you will have to clear a physical exam test for getting the position and if you are not fit according to the norms then you will not stand a chance to be appointed. So eating right will not only be good for deputing good time on studies by keeping you active but also will make your body fit. Go for walks or do physical exercises as well because that will keep you pumped and will increase concentration levels.
  • Syllabus! Lot many times students try to grab everything but they don’t understand that PCS exam like UPSC exam is strictly according to the syllabus. When you read the syllabus you have to understand that they have mentioned in much broader category but you have to sub categorise that on your own. For example if they have mentioned Gupta Period, then you not only have to cover what the period was about but also the art and culture, people and habits and key points including that periods influence.

Syllabus is you key, your bible! Don’t take it for granted and don’t go off track by learning things which are not even required. If it says Acid, Bases and Salts, stick to the topic and cover whatever comes under it. Don’t shift your focus but stay true to the syllabus as much as possible.

If you understand this then the success will be yours.

  • Books! Choose your books and don’t pile it up thinking that every book that says for UPSC PCS exam is important for you to read. These books are almost similar and don’t impart much knowledge but is mostly jibber jabber about the same kind of thing over and over.

Buy books which are written by quality writers and have good and fine print that speaks well. Check their credibility, search about the author and then purchase a book. Invest judiciously because you don’t have time or money to waste. There is no point on buying books which are similar in kind, they are only going to gather dust and you will probably be giving them away to someone else.

  • Coaching Centres! It’s always wise to get coaching for competitive exams. Though people have been sceptical about it and quite picky but if you are looking for a best coaching then do try PCS Coaching in Chandigarh. They are most authentic and best at what they do. The track record is wonderful with over 60 plus selections in just 2 years.

Coaching helps in polishing you, guiding you and most importantly giving you a proper counseling so that you can work your way on the things that you may lack and groom yourself adequately in order to ace the exam. They help you develop a personality, confidence and train you for what’s there in store for you once you get through.

This is important because you should know what you are getting yourself into. This will help you decide your genre better.

To be honest no tips and tricks can work for you if you are sceptical and have doubts inside you. There is nothing in this world that if you put your mind into and you can’t do it. You absolutely can do whatever it is that you want if you are strong minded, have that will and courage in you to make your dream into reality.

All you need to do is work hard! Don’t lose patience and keep see you goal every day. Keep yourself so focused that nothing can distract you, nothing can bother or frustrate you. You can win any battle if you have the calibre in you and more than the caliber you need “the will” to do it. If you have it nothing in this world can take your place, nothing can put you down and nothing can break you.

You have the power because you know yourself better than anyone can. You know your weaknesses and shortcoming. So start by working on them and step by step get rid of them and conquer your strengths and live the life of your dreams!

We wish you all the best and hope that all your future endeavours come true!

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