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Indian Ocean Rim Association

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Recently Jakarta (Indonesia) hosted the first summit of Indian Ocean Rim Association  (IORA). IORA was previously known as Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC) which was started in 1997 in Mauritius. 2017 marks the 20th year of formation of this organisation. Up till now IORA was focused more on economic integration and economic collaboration but the changing global scenario has shifted its focus towards security areas too. Currently, IORA has 21 members with members ranging from Africa to South East Asia. Indian Ocean Rim Association  | Areas of Cooperation It should be noted that the six areas where the member countries have been focusing today are [...]

Indus Water Treaty | New Updates

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Indus Waters Commissioners from India and Pakistan are likely to meet later this month for their routine annual meeting. The meeting had been postponed after India had declared that blood and water cannot flow together after the Uri attacks in September. The Indus Waters Treaty was signed in 1960 as a river sharing agreement between India and Pakistan and has worked quite smoothly between the two otherwise hostile neighbours since the last 57 years. Under the agreement, the control of the three eastern rivers, the Beas, the Ravi and the Sutlej was given to India, whereas the control over the western [...]

India ASEAN – A 25 Year long Journey

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In 2017, India ASEAN would observe 25 years of their dialogue partnership, 15 years of Summit Level Interaction and 5 years of strategic partnership. India ASEAN | Background As an important regional power, India had contacts with most of the South-East Asian countries from the earliest periods of history. The earliest attempts at building an Asian unity was first made in 1947 during the Asian Relations Conference which was held in New Delhi in 1947. One of the main objectives, as highlighted by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was to discuss various problems which are of common concern to all the Asian countries. [...]

Arun-3 HEP | PIB Summary

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The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved: Investment for generation component of Arun-3 HEP (900 MW) for an estimated cost of Rs. 5723.72 crore at May 2015 Price Level. Completion period of the project shall be 60 months from the date of financial closure which is planned for September this year. Ex-post facto approval for the existing implementing agency, already incorporated in the name of SJVN Arun-3 Power Development Company (P) Limited (SAPDC) registered in Nepal as a 100% subsidiary of SJVN Limited for implementing the project. Any component of work already or [...]

Moscow Talks | AIR Spotlight

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Moscow Talks were aimed at detailed consultations on Afghan issues in a six-party format involving Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Iran and India at the level of special envoys on Afghanistan and senior officials. It was a renewed attempt at finding a peaceful end to the lingering unrest in conflict-ridden Afghanistan. Moscow Talks | Response from Afghanistan The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has said that the consultative meeting in Moscow is a positive step in promoting regional cooperation and solidarity in the war against terrorism, however, the meeting is not an alternative for peace talks between government and Taliban. Moscow Talks [...]

India UAE Relations

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India UAE relations took a major boost with the recent visit of the crown prince of United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan as the chief guest on India’s Republic Day. India UAE | Indian Diaspora  According to the latest figures the remittances which the Indian Diaspora in UAE send back to India is around $13.6 billion which helps India to tackle its Current Account Deficit. Indian Diaspora is the important representatives of India and they act as a strong and binding factor between the two countries (India UAE). There are about 2.6 million Indian Diaspora in UAE which accounts for 12% of the total Diaspora. [...]

India US Strategic partnership

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India US Strategic partnership has taken a fresh turn after the declaration of the “Defence Appropriations Bill . As part of a defence appropriations bill of over $600 billion, the US Congress passed legislation that designated India as a “major defence partner”. Under its provisions, India will be treated at par with the US’s closest allies when it comes to the transfer of defence technologies. India US | Background India US defence cooperation started in 1995 with the Agreed Minute on Defence Relations. The process of defence cooperation may well have proceeded apace following this agreement. However, after May 1998 following [...]

Post Brexit India and UK Relations

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Before we look into Post Brexit relations between India and United Kingdom we need to look at the background of the relations between these two countries. India and the United Kingdom have been close allies for a long time. The bilateral relationship between the two countries were upgraded to a strategic partnership in 2004, and were further strengthened by former PM David Cameroon’s visit to India in 2010 and 2013. PM Modi’s visit to the UK in November 2015 took the relationship to new heights. The situation has changed since June 2016 when nearly 52% of the population of the UK [...]

Indo – Russian Relations

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Indo - Russian Relations were upgraded from "strategic partnership" to "special and privileged strategic partnership" in 2010. Five years after this upgradation and two and a half years after the assumption of power by Prime Minister Modi, it would be appropriate to enquire whether the inherent potential of the bilateral partnership has been realized. Indo - Russian Relations | Historical Context Strong relations with Russia are a key pillar of India’s foreign policy. Russia is a longstanding, time-tested, partner. Be it in the field of equipping our defence forces or industrialisation of the country or strategic support in the UN Security [...]

Water Diplomacy and China

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Water Diplomacy is the new area where the governments of various countries need to step up and work in tandem to solve the ever increasing fresh water crises. Asia has less fresh water per capita than any other continent, and it is already facing a water crisis which if continued further, will intensify into severe water shortages expected by 2050. At a time of widespread geopolitical discord, competition over freshwater resources could emerge as a serious threat to long-term peace and stability in Asia. Already, the battle is underway, with China as the main aggressor. But how is the Chinese dragon [...]

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