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United Nations- UN Reforms | Livemint

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The Trump administration is leading a high-profile effort this year for UN reforms. In his remarks at a UN “Management, Security and Development” meeting convened by UN secretary general António Guterres, the US President said that “in recent years, the UN has not reached its full potential due to bureaucracy and mismanagement”. What is the issue today? Trump had also earlier accused the UN of causing problems than solving them. Reforming the UN is big on the Trump administration’s agenda and this reforms agenda is largely based on two principles: sovereignty and accountability. The US is also keen that the management [...]

Defence Agreements With Russia

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Details of Defence Agreements signed with Russia over the past five years is as under Defence Agreements for training of Indian armed forces personnel in the military educational establishments of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation. (Date of signing 11.12.2014). Agreement between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of India and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on cooperation in Aircraft flight safety. (Date of signing 21.01.2015). Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Russian Federation on cooperation in the field of Helicopter Engineering. (Date of signing 24.12.2015). Agreement between [...]

Doklam Standoff – India China Border

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Doklam Standoff near Bhutan between India and China is becoming a major concern, near the Chumbi Valley at the corner of India-China-Bhutan tri-junction. This month long border Doklam Standoff has become the longest ever between the two nations. This is also the first time when Indian troops have confronted the People’s Liberation Army of China on the soil of a third country i.e. Bhutan. There are two reasons for this standoff – India has a long standing commitment to Bhutan’s defence and serves as a virtual security guarantor to Bhutan through the 2007 friendship treaty. Secondly, the Doklam sector is critical [...]

SASEC Road Connectivity Programme | PIB Summary

By | 2017-07-15T07:55:49+00:00 July 15th, 2017|Categories: GS Mains, GS Paper 2, GS Paper 3, Infrastructure, International Relations, PIB|Tags: , , , , , , , |

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has given its approval for upgradation and widening of 65 kms of Imphal-Moreh Section of NH-39 in Manipur at a cost of Rs. 1630.29 crores. SASEC  | Details Manipur being a landlocked state with almost 90% of the area under difficult terrain presently has only road transport as a means of mass transport system within the state. Hence development of the road infrastructure is of paramount importance to improve connectivity and progress of the State and to ensure that the administrative set up reaches the isolated and [...]

Malabar Exercise 2017

By | 2017-07-12T06:41:45+00:00 July 12th, 2017|Categories: GS Mains, GS Paper 2, GS Paper 3, International Relations, PIB, Security|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Naval co-operation between India, US and Japan epitomises the strong and resilient relationship between the three democracies. The Malabar Exercise series, initiated in 1992 between the Indian and US Navies, have steadily grown in scope, complexity and participation into a multifaceted exercise with the participation of Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF). Details of Malabar Exercise 2017 The 21st edition of the exercise, MALABAR-17 will be conducted in the Bay of Bengal from 10 to 17 July 2017. The primary aim of this exercise is to increase interoperability amongst the three navies as well as develop common understanding and procedures for maritime [...]

OBOR can lead to colonisation | IAS Coaching Chandigarh

By | 2017-07-08T08:00:39+00:00 July 8th, 2017|Categories: Director's Desk, GS Paper 2, International Relations|Tags: , , , |

Since the start of this century, the world has seen a shift in power balance, courtesy China’s emerging economic might, which challenged a US-dominant unipolar world that had been in existence since 1991 when the Soviet Union was dissolved, officially ending the Cold War. Click Below to enlarge to OBOR Map Expanding China | OBOR The Chinese foreign policy touts OBOR is purely an economic mission, facilitating cooperation in trade, investment, energy, developmental projects such as railway and road. Actually, OBOR is a geopolitical architecture aimed at expanding Chinese influence in and around the region. It has the potential to lead [...]

Asia-Africa Growth Corridor | RSTV

By | 2017-07-07T08:02:54+00:00 July 7th, 2017|Categories: GS Paper 2, International Relations, RSTV|Tags: , |

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently pushed for an Asia-Africa Growth Corridor supported by Japan and India. This comes up within days after China launched its ambitious OBOR. Asia-Africa Growth Corridor was launched during the annual meeting of the African Development Bank (AfDB) at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where the vision document was launched for the initiative. About Asia-Africa Growth Corridor It is a roadmap for opportunities and aspirations of Asia and Africa and has been launched with an aim to prioritize development projects in agriculture and agro-processing, skill enhancement, health and pharmaceuticals and disaster management. It is destined to focus on people centric sustainable growth approach, the details of which [...]

Energy Diplomacy China India Relations | RSTV

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In this post we shall see all the possible factors as to why energy diplomacy is important to India (with a special focus on Energy Diplomacy China India Relations ). Away from the accolades that accompanied the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative of China, India has been quietly working on creating connectivity grids in its neighbourhood and moving beyond physical connectivity to energy as a tool for connectivity. From Indonesia to Mauritius, India is working on a web of relationships that seek to leverage India’s position as a big source of petroleum products, sharing of technology and building interdependencies. Mauritius, one [...]

Beijing Declaration On Education

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Following is the text of Beijing Declaration On Education adopted in the 5th Meeting of BRICS Ministers of Education in Beijing, China, on July 5th, 2017.  Details | Beijing Declaration Committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4)-Education 2030 which aims to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all” that was set within The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Recognizing the significance of collaboration in the field of education for enhancing the overall partnership among BRICS Member States and enhancing people to people exchanges to a higher level. The Beijing Declaration For ensuring coordinated and deeper cooperation [...]

PM Modi US Visit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump struck a common note on terrorism as they met for the first time at the White House last week during PM Modi US Visit. The two leaders vowed to fight against terrorism confirming that it was their topmost priority. Both countries also pledged to deepen their security and defence cooperation. US cleared the sale of Predator-Guardian drones to India which builds on the US’s recognition of India as the major defence partner. Analysis | PM Modi US Visit The delegation-level talks between India and the US carried Secretary of State, Defence Secretary, Commerce [...]

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