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Dr BR Ambedkar : A True Son of India

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Liberation Advent of Dr BR Ambedkar into Indian political arena during 1920s. During his time the issue of social reforms achieved new dimension. He believed that until downtrodden themselves came forward to fight their battle, no one else could alleviate their grievances. He inspired them to do battle for their human rights. According to him, Vedas, Smritis and Shastras were all instruments of torture used by Hinduism against untouchables (Annihilation of Caste). Dr BR Ambedkar formed distinct Indian nationalism - in opposition to dominant discourse of Hindu nationalism - His conception of nationalism articulated and synthesized national perceptions and aspirations of [...]

An innovation in Polling

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Vulnerability mapping ensured accountability, gave visibility to the Election Commission’s work, and sent a no-nonsense message to trouble makers The Election Commission of India has emerged, over the last 63 years, as one of our most respected institutions. Over these six decades, this constitutional body has developed new skills almost with each general election, and latterly even with each election to the State Assemblies, to remain not static but evolutionary; constantly striving to widen the inclusive and egalitarian framework, aiming thus for the widening of the voting processes.                           [...]

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