A Simple Guide for IAS Exam Preparation

//A Simple Guide for IAS Exam Preparation

A Simple Guide for IAS Exam Preparation

As soon as somebody comes to know that you are preparing for UPSC IAS examination, people around you are going to come rushing at you with all kinds of suggestions and examples trying in their best attempt to help you by maybe suggesting an IAS coaching in Chandigarh, Delhi or suggesting a tutor, even food that you should be taking while preparing for the competition to help you raise your concentration levels. But what people don’t realise is that instead of helping you they may be cluttering your mind with all these ideas that you become completely mind boggled as to what to do and what not to do. If you are in a similar situation like this, you need something simple yet realistic that would not only help you ace the exam but will also be a guide to you on this tough journey that you are about to aboard.

Before we move on to the pointers there are few things that you should focus on, something that you should understand and be absolutely clear about that not many people around you tell you about it but it is necessary. When we take up any challenge, it is but obvious that we are going to face with innumerable problems. The voyage will be violent as no smooth sea is going to make you a tough sailor. The point is that if you go on this violent sea only then can you learn the endurance that life teaches you. It is not the exam to ace that should be your only focus; it should be the job that you will be given once you become an officer as well. If you understand this you would know that no matter how much difficulty you face for your dream will be nothing in comparison to the reward you are going to receive for all the hard work that you are putting in right now. There may be few falls, but with fall we have the ability to get back up. So don’t forget this, there is always something in store for all of us. We only need to channelize ourselves with our whole heart and not just the brains telling you what to do all the time. Be dedicated and patient; you won’t even know when your destination will be reached, that you have aced your interview and next thing you know that your name is on the list as the new shinning IAS officer. Optimism is the only key that would survive you through this or else it is always easy to give up and if you do then you never deserved to be an IAS anyway. Giving up is our true failure, not failing itself! You fail and rise but when you quit you end it right there.

Here are the 4 pointers that you should memorize by heart that will help you in preparing for IAS exam:

Schedule yourself:

It is important to be on a schedule in order to make each day a progress. We can only do what we desire if we follow a plan and making a plan is not your only job but implementing it as well. You know what you are lacking in, how much time is required to depute on what subject or issue, how much time is required for you to imbibe what you are studying for etc. There are postings all over the internet that provide you with a time table. Don’t follow that, they don’t know what your strengths are and where you need more work to come to a level where you will feel confident enough. So you depute good amount of time in coming up with a schedule that will help you overcome your shortcomings. Some imbibe fast some doesn’t but this is not a race that yes “today I am going to study 100 pages or 200 pages”. You may study 50 and perform well than the one who studied 100. It all depends on how well you register that information in your brain. So stop obsessing about how many books you read or how much you covered in less amount of time. Focus on learning!


: Choose your books strictly according to the UPSC pattern. This is an important decision to make especially if you have little time to prepare for the exam let’s say a month or so. You don’t need a year’s preparation to ace the exam, for some a month is enough but what they are clever is in choosing their resources right. Your books, news channels you follow, headlines you read, people that you talk to about it, inspiration that you take all are your resources. You don’t know from what you will be gathering an informative prospect which will stay at the back of your mind. So be alert and attentive to little things in life. They teach you something that books can’t. Such experiences help you stand out during your interview process.


There can be a time when you feel that you need a boost in your confidence and want to maybe have a professional guidance. The best coaching for IAS you will find is in Delhi or Civil Services coaching in Chandigarh. These two places are the hub but also many fraudulent coaching institutions have cropped up so before you enter yourself, do a reality check to know if they are worthy of your time and money. Talk to people around, try and get the feedback and then decide.


Find a role model, read about famous people, follow inspirational books, learn from others mistakes as life is too short to make your own mistake and learn from it. Often people very proudly claim that one should learn from their own mistakes but this is a total time waste. Rationalise, god has given us the ability to comprehend things then why not use it. Don’t follow the herd; stand out. When you read about people who have been an inspiration to the world, it keeps you motivated. There are number of cases we hear every now and then when students commit suicide because they couldn’t clear an exam or were under pressure etc. There is no place for weak minds. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest is apt and a sheer reality. Don’t fall victim to underestimation or what people think about you. The people who stand out in UPSC examination often have a different approach about life and their motivation have been the inspirational stories, poets, novelists who have somewhere left an impression on them. This you gain when you stay optimistic in life. So no matter what happens don’t let go of this light.
“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.” – Tim Fargo

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