4th April, 2022
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4th April, 2022

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 Which of the following statement(s) is/are incorrect about ‘India’s Antarctic Programme’?

  1. It began in the year 1971 with the first trip of 21 scientists and support staff led by Dr SZ Qasim.
  2. Under the programme, atmospheric, biological, earth, chemical and medical sciences are studied by India.
  3. India has three operational research stations in Antarctica named Maitri, Bharati and Dakshin Gangotri.

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‘Treaty of Sugauli’ defines the boundary relationship between -

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Kalapani is an area at the trijunction of -

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The ‘Madrid Protocol’ to the Antarctic Treaty closely relates to -

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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about ‘Raja Ravi Verma’?

  1. He is famous for giving Indians their western, classical representations of Hindu gods and goddesses.
  2. He was awarded the Governor’s Gold Medal for his ‘Shakuntala Looking for Dushyanta’ painting.

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