Incredible Work done by IAS officers during Kerala Floods

//Incredible Work done by IAS officers during Kerala Floods

Incredible Work done by IAS officers during Kerala Floods

The second worst flood after 1924 has already killed 370 people and has shifted 7.8 lakh people to the relief camps. Along with this, there has been a tremendous loss of property as well.  Is it a result of human activity? Or there is someone else who could be blamed?

Why floods came in Kerala? Rain, to be precise! The heavy orographic rains of 2,086 mm exerted a huge pressure on the dams which resulted in the release of water. But shall we ignore the deforestation, rapid urbanisation, changing the directions of the rivers and the population density of the state as the factors for this calamity? These have actually turned out to be the Time Bombs for the state. That is why it is said that “Excess of everything is bad” and this time nature has proved it again.

In order to overcome this harsh calamity, government, as well as the general public, is trying every possible solution. Traditional and social media being the proof for that. In such a situation, IAS officers are aiding beyond limits. IAS officer’s TV Anupama and K Vasuki are appreciated for taking bold steps in ensuring that the collection and disbursal of the relief supplies remain uninterrupted. IAS officers in Andhra Pradesh pledged to donate their one day’s salary to the harmed state. On the similar lines, Telangana IAS Officers’ Association has resolved to contribute at least one day salary of the serving officers to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The Odisha IAS officers too didn’t remain back in this. “Punjab IAS Officers Association members donate a day’s salary to CM’s relief fund”.

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