Important News to follow : 06th Nov. 2015

//Important News to follow : 06th Nov. 2015

Important News to follow : 06th Nov. 2015

06th day of Nov. 2015 News update covers the essential news articles from various newspapers segregated according to various subjects falling under the realm of civil services preparations.

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Economy”]

  1. Emerging challenges in job creation

[accordion_content accordion_label=”International Relations and Security”]

  1. Getting close to Africa
  2. A ‘power’ gathering in Beijing …
  3. Sultan’s comeback

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Polity and Governance”]

  1. No reservations on reservation
  2. Legal checks to political vandalism
  3. For a truer decentralisation
  4. A blast from the colonial past

[accordion_content accordion_label=”Miscellaneous”]

  1. The issues around surrogacy
  2. Women in combat roles in armed forces: the global experience
  3. Only pro-poor policies lead to sustainable growth



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