Impact of Pakistan Elections on India

//Impact of Pakistan Elections on India

Impact of Pakistan Elections on India

Just the way India holds elections for Lok Sabha, like the one in 2014 when NDA got in power. Similar to that, Pakistan holds the elections for National Assembly which has total seats of 272. In order to form a government in Pakistan one single party should be able to get 137 seats (Simple Majority).

In 2018 elections, there were three main contender parties who managed to win seats as follows;

  1. Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTI)- Imran Khan-115 seats
  2. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz- Shehbaz Sharif- 64 seats
  3. Pakistan Peoples Party-Bilawal Bhutto- 43 seats
  4. Other Parties

As PTI has fallen short of the required number of seats so they will have to seek out allies to form a coalition government. Therefore, the role of independent candidates will also be increased. Their main aim would be reaching the number 137 (just the way your aim is to reach the cut-off by joining IAS Coaching in Chandigarh)

A national cricket captain who once won the world cup for his country will now be the Prime Minister of the same country. This fairytale is not as smooth as it seems to be.  His young political party Tehreek-e-insaf which was formed in 1996, will now be forming a coalition government. Coalition government brings with itself a set of limitations so it would not be an easy road for Imran Khan too.

European Union who sent their team to Pakistan for checking the fairness of the elections has observed voice concern for the same. Along with them, many writers and analyst around the world have claimed a major role of the Pakistan army in the election process.  Moreover, MMA (Muttahida-i-Amal) one of the political parties of Pakistan has called for declaring the elections “null and void”.

The extent of interference of Pakistan’s Army in the Government’s affairs is too high. The Army there is too powerful that they have the authority to claim the state resources. It is a kind of profit making company in itself which has around 50 commercial establishments with a turnover of over $20 billion. The commercial enterprises include petrol pumps, schools, universities, milk dairies, bakeries, factories and so on.

Will Imran Khan be able to create a developed PAK?

Nawaz Sharif wanted to create a new Pakistan. He took a revolutionary step of limiting the control of Pakistan Military. A brave demand was put forward to reduce the military budget and a greater civilian control.  This was not appreciated by the Army. So, by default Imran Khan was pushed forward for the coming elections. That is the reason he is seen saying in his interviews the need for increasing defense budget of Pakistan. Thus, Implying a reduction in civilian budget.

There is a wall of Economic crises standing in front of Pakistan. They might have to take a loan from IMF or China. But, International Monitory Fund will not give the loan until Pakistan clears the restrictions put by it. In that case, there will be a shortage of funds in the starting phase of the tenure which could be resolved by changing the tax structure. Thus, development seems to be a very slow process again.

Effect on India

As the new Government would be formed in a coalition so there is a question of authority in the hands of Imran Khan’s Government. Thus the impact would not be much!

Even though they are conveying a message of resolving the Kashmir issue but their real powers are not known. They call Kashmir to be a core issue without considering Terrorism as the one. Thus, India-Pak talks will again be in the hands of the army.  This Government is also keen on generating revenue with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor which is a matter of concern for India.

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