Recently, the Secretary to the Spices Board of India said that World Spice Congress 2023 will be held in Mumbai from 16th-18th February 2023.


About World Spice Congress

  • It was planned and conceived in 1990 as a forum for discussion and interaction between the importers and exporters of spices.
  • Since its inception it has been Organised under the leadership of the Spices Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.


Key facts about the World Spice Congress (WSC) 2023

  • Theme — VISION 2030: S-P-I-C-E-S (Sustainability, Productivity, Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence and Safety).
  • Policymakers, regulatory authorities, spice trade associations, government officials as well as technical experts from key G20 countries will participate in the event.
  • Maharashtra has been chosen as a venue because —
      • It is one of the leading states producing spices.
      • It is the largest producer of turmeric in India. Maharashtra produces two GI-tagged turmeric varieties and one GI-tagged chilli variety.
      • Coastal areas of Maharashtra are also known for the production of GI-tagged Kokum.


About the Spice Board of India

  • Spices Board was constituted on 26th February 1987 under the Spices Board Act 1986 with the merger of the erstwhile Cardamom Board (1968) and Spices Export Promotion Council (1960).
  • It is functioning under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.
  • It is responsible for the export promotion of the 52 scheduled spices and the development of Cardamom (Small & Large).
  • Main Functions —
    • Research, Development and Regulation of domestic marketing of Small & Large Cardamom
    • Post-harvest improvement of all spices
    • Promotion of organic production, processing and certification of spices
    • Development of spices in the North East
    • Provision of quality evaluation services