Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his two day Gujarat tour by visiting the Command and Control Centre set up by the Education Department.


What is the Command and Control Centre 2.0 or ‘Vidya Samiksha Kendra’?

  • In June 2021, former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani inaugurated the technological and infrastructural upgraded Command and Control Centre called CCC 2.0, a surveillance system which tracks enrolment, attendance, learning outcomes, drop-outs, school accreditation and monitors schools, teachers and block and cluster resource centre co-ordinators.
  • This state of the art data driven centre is based on the National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR) Framework.


When did it begin?

  • The current centre has its roots in 2019. It is a much upgraded version of the state government’s realtime technology enabled surveillance system to “keep an eye” on over 1.95 lakh school teachers that was launched in Gujarat in 2019.
  • Established with the aim to improve the quality of education by ensuring teachers stick to their assigned tasks on a daily basis, the system was devised after various discussions and reports concluded that poor monitoring of teachers resulted in absenteeism and “non-seriousness”.
  • It was not just the teachers, though. Even those who monitor them were handed GPS-enabled tablets and tracked through geofencing by which an alert triggered when a mobile device enters or leaves a specified area.
  • The entire surveillance operation was being run from a tech-equipped command and control centre.


What does it do?

  • The CCC monitors 55,000 primary and secondary government schools and hand holds 4 lakh teachers to help improve learning outcomes of nearly 1.2 crore students.
  • The system can track details like “the pattern emerging from periodic tests, which student has performed badly in which subject and which question, (which) can be accessed with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning”.
  • Also, CCC is being used for inter-operability of data systems – that exist in silos, like student and teacher attendance data, CRC app data, semester assessment, CCC monitoring data, U-DISE, periodic assessment tests (PAT) and so on.
  • For easy access and quick decisions, the plan is to have CCC house all head of departments (HoDs) of education at the School Education Centre. The building for which on the same campus, is under construction.