The Government amended the Supreme Court Judges Rules to entitle a retired Chief Justice rent-free Type-VII accommodation in Delhi for six months from the date of superannuation.



  • A notification issued by the Ministry of Law and Justice said the accommodation would be other than the designated official residence.
  • The amended Rules added that a retired Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court shall be entitled to a chauffeur, a secretarial assistant and round-the-clock security cover, in addition to his or her personal security guard for a period of a year from the date of retirement.
  • Further, the amended Rules mandated that a retired Chief Justice and judges should be extended, as per protocol, courtesies at ceremonial lounges at airports.
  • The government has amended the original Supreme Court Judges Rules of 1959 in exercise of powers conferred on it under the Supreme Court Judges (Salaries and Conditions of Service) Act, 1958.
  • A 2013 decision of the Supreme Court had taken a serious view of former Ministers, MPs and even retired Judges and government servants overstaying in bungalows beyond the allotted period.