The Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology will soon launch Shabd Shala, a website to invite suggestions for translation of words that are recent additions to the English language.


What is it?

  • People across India can log onto the ‘Shabd Shalawebsite and provide suggestions for possible translations of these words or their most prevalent usages in their respective languages.
  • After collating all the suggestions, the Technical Words Selection Committee will zero in on the most popular or appropriate translations for each word, following which a glossary would be brought out in all the respective languages.
  • The committee, to be constituted in consultation with the Education Ministry, will comprise of subject experts in science and technology, and experts in linguistics and the Sanskrit language.


About the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology

  • It was established on October 1st, 1961 in pursuance of a Presidential Order dated April 27, 1960.
  • Presently, CSTT is functioning under Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India with its headquarters at New Delhi.
  • The main objective is to evolve standard terminology, propagate its use, and distribute it widely.
  • The commission is mandated to collaborate with State governments, universities, regional textbook Boards, and State Granth Academies’, which are nodal bodies in-charge of providing translations of English textbooks in local languages for institutions of higher education.
  • Eighteen States were mandated to have Granth Academies.