Recently, a rare orange-coloured bat, also known as ‘painted bat’ was spotted at a banana plantation in Parali Bodal village of Chhattisgarh’s Kanger Valley National Park in Bastar.


About the Painted Bat

  • These are often found in unusual roosting sites such as suspended nests of weaver finches and sunbirds, and banana leaves, these bats have been known to roost in pairs.
  • It is an aerial hawker, catching insects mid-flight.
  • It is generally found in Bangladesh, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Conservation status — IUCN: Near Threatened


About Kanger Valley/ Ghati National Park

  • This National Park derived its name from the Kangar river, which flows in its length.
  • Flora — This park is a typically mixed humid deciduous type of forest, in which the Sal, Saugaun, teak and bamboo trees are available in abundance.
  • Fauna — The most popular species in this area is Bastar Maina which emulates everyone with its human voice.
  • It is home to exceptional caves and is famous for its amazing geological structures of Stalagmites and Stalactites.
  • Also, Tirathgarh Waterfall is located in this National Park.