Google has launched a 360-degree interactive panorama feature for 10 Indian cities as part of its Street View services, which is also known as Project Gullify. This has been made possible by the new National Geospatial Policy 2021.

The policy allows local companies to collect this type of data and license it to others, making it the first country where Street View is primarily enabled by partners.



  • NGP was launched by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • It provides a framework for the DST and its state and central partnering agencies (e.g., government departments, regulatory authorities, etc.) to enable access to and promote the use of geospatial data.
  • It aims to boost geospatial entrepreneurship for the socio-economic development of India.
  • It also aims to promote the use of geospatial products and services, generate useful insights from geospatial data and strengthen India’s geospatial infrastructure and capabilities.


Salient features of the policy

  • Geospatial Data Promotion and Development Committee (GDPDC) —
      • A multi-disciplinary expert committee to shape the geospatial data ecosystem in India, GDPDC will replace the existing National Spatial Data Committee.
      • It will be tasked with working with the Survey of India to create a High Resolution National Topographic Database and will create “Lead Agencies” at the central and state level.
  • Functions of Lead Agencies —
      • The Lead Agencies will facilitate the implementation of the NGP.
      • These Lead Agencies will also provide sector specific knowledge.
      • It will assist in the compilation of data themes under the National Foundation Geospatial Data Asset and the National Thematic Geospatial Data Asset.
  • National Data Registry (NDR) and Geo-Platform —
      • NDR will be operated by the GDPDC, to enable access to and harnessing of geospatial data.
      • State and central level partnering agencies can provide data through Data Nodes.
      • The geospatial data, metadata and data from the State or central level agencies will be available through a Geo-Platform.
      • The GDPDC will designate a Partnering Agency to develop and operate the NDR and Geo-platform under its guidance and supervision.
  • Skilled workforce —
      • The NGP advocates for surveyor registration in order to promote the profession of surveying, with professional standards and accreditation comparable to that of medical and legal professionals.
      • Furthermore, it proposes that the National Skill Development Council and the geospatial industry collaborate to develop a National Skills Qualification Framework and, ultimately, a Geospatial Sector Skill Council.