In the past three and-half months, consumer commissions across the country have disposed of 68,587 cases, bringing down pendency by nearly 11%.



  • Status — It is a quasi-judicial commission.
  • Origin — It was set up in 1988 under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.
  • Head Office — New Delhi.
  • Governance — It is headed by a sitting or retired judge of the Supreme Court of India.
  • Powers — Under Section 21 of Consumer Protection Act, 1986, NCDRC will have jurisdiction to entertain a complaint valued more than one crore.
  • Appeal — Any person aggrieved by an order of NCDRC, may Appeal against such order to Supreme Court of India within a period of 30 days.


About the Consumer Protection Act, 2019

  • The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 replaced the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and seeks to widen its scope in addressing consumer concerns.
  • The new Act recognises offences such as providing false information regarding the quality or quantity of a good or service, and misleading advertisements.
  • It also specifies action to be taken if goods and services are found “dangerous, hazardous or unsafe”.
  • The Act came into force in July 2020 and it will empower consumers and help them in protecting their rights through its various notified rules and provisions.