The Lok Sabha has passed the National Anti-Doping Bill,2021 by voice vote.



  • The bill provides for constitution of the National Anti-Doping Agency- NADA for regulating anti-doping activities in sports.
  • Its functions include planning, implementing, and monitoring anti-doping activities as well as investigating anti-doping rule violations.
  • It also seeks to give effect to the UNESCO International Convention against doping in sports and compliance of such other obligations and commitments.
  • The legislation prohibits athletes, athlete support personnel, and other persons from engaging in doping in sports.
  • Under the new legislation, violation of anti-doping rules may result in disqualification of results including forfeiture of medals, points, and prizes, ineligibility to participate in a competition or event for a prescribed period, and financial sanctions.
  • The Bill also proposes to establish the National Board for Anti-Doping in Sports with a view to make recommendations to the government on anti-doping regulations and compliance with international commitments on anti-doping. The Board will oversee the activities of NADA and issue directions to it.