Nallamala forest is witnessing frequent forest fires due to rising temperatures, where the day temperature is almost touching 40 degrees Celsius.


About Nallamala Forest

  • It is one of the largest stretches of undisturbed forest in South India, apart from the Western Ghats.
  • Location —
      • It is spread over five districts in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
      • It is located in Nallamala Hills, which is a part of the Eastern Ghats.
      • It lies south of the Krishna river.
  • The forest has a good tiger population, and a part of the forest belongs to the Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, the largest tiger reserve in the country.
  • Climate –
      • It has a warm to hot climate throughout the year, with summer especially hot and winters mostly cool and dry.
      • It gets most of its rain during the South West monsoon.
  • Vegetation — Tropical dry deciduous.
  • Flora — It harbors endemic species like Andrographis nallamalayana, Eriolaena lushingtonii, Crotalaria madurensis var, Dicliptera beddomei and premna hamitonii.
  • Fauna — It is home to as many as 700 species of animals besides tigers, leopards, such as black buck, wild hog, peacock, pangolin, Indian Python and King Cobras and several rare bird species.