Union Ministry of Women and Child Development is implementing a centrally sponsored scheme through State/UT Governments namely Mission Vatsalya.


What is ‘Mission Vatsalya’?

  • Mission Vatsalya is essentially renaming of a pre-existing scheme called Child Protection Services, and also includes child welfare services.
  • Under it, a monthly grant of Rs. 4000/- per child is provided for family based non-institutional care including Sponsorship (kinship) or Foster Care or After Care.
  • The Mission Vatsalya in partnership with States and Districts provides support to a 24×7 helpline service for children as defined under the JJ Act, 2015.
  • The Mission Vatsalya Scheme envisages setting up Cradle Baby Reception Centres in at least one Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA), preferably government run, in each District, to save the abandoned children and look after them with due care and affection till he/she is given in adoption.


What is the Child Protection Services Scheme?

  • It is a centrally sponsored scheme under the Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  • Under the scheme, support is provided to States and UT Governments for delivering services for children in need and difficult circumstances.
  • The Child Care Institutions(CCIs) established under the scheme, support inter-alia age-appropriate education, access to vocational training, recreation, health care, counselling etc. and equally covers rural and urban children.


What will be offered?

  • The Ministry has also proposed a Vatsalya portal that will allow volunteers to register so that State and District Authorities can engage them for executing various schemes.
  • Child protection programme components include institutional services through child care institutions (CCI) and family-based non-institutional care through sponsorship, foster care and adoption.
  • It also supports after-care programme for children at CCIs once they turn 18, and emergency outreach service through Childline or the national helpline 1098 for children.