Prime Minister Modi formally inaugurated DefExpo 2022 at Mahatma Mandir Convention and Exhibition Centre in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. At the ongoing DefExpo, he launched the ‘Mission DefSpace’. 



The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for the Deesa airfield in Gujarat which will be a forward Air Force base. It is close to the border from Pakistan and will respond to any misadventure on the Western border.


About the ‘Mission DefSpace’

  • The mission aims to develop innovative solutions for the Defence Forces in the domain of space through startups and industry.
  • In other words, this new initiative would enable the industry to offer solutions to the armed forces for future offensive and defensive requirements.
  • Importance of this mission —
      • Space technology assumes significance as it is shaping new definitions of India’s generous space diplomacy, giving rise to new possibilities.
        • There are more than 60 developing countries with whom India is sharing its space science. SAARC satellite is an example of this.
        • By next year, 10 ASEAN countries will also get real-time access to Indias satellite data.
      • Space technology is also necessary for supporting maritime trade and activities.
      • Today’s armed forces rely on Space technology. Space technology has been extensively used by private as well as commercial domains.
      • In modern warfare, armed forces have been using space technology for fighting wars.
        • Experts believe, in any future war, the new domains of warfare will include Space and Cyber.