President of India has inaugurated five-day long Madhavpur Ghed Fair at Madhavpur Ghed, Porbandar in Gujarat on April 10, 2022.


What is this fair?

  • Since 2018, the Government of Gujarat in association with the Ministry of Culture is organising this fair every year to celebrate the sacred union of Lord Krishna and Rukmini.
  • Born in today’s Uttar Pradesh, Shri Krishna makes Gujarat his workplace and marries Rukmini, a princess from today’s north-eastern region of our country. According to folk belief, the land of Madhavpur Ghed village has been a witness to their union.
  • The Madhavpur Fair connects Gujarat with north-east region in an integral bond.
  • Through such events, people, especially the young generation gets a chance to gain knowledge about our heritage, culture, art, handicrafts and traditional cuisine.
  • These events also encourage tourism. All the festivals associated with Madhavpur Ghed fair also underline the unity and diversity of India.