Three Tigers, as part of a tiger reintroduction project, will soon be released in Madhav National Park.


About Madhav National Park

  • Location —
    • It is situated near Shivpuri town in Shivpuri District, which lies in the northwest region of Madhya Pradesh.
    • It lies on the northern fringe of the Central Highlands of India, forming a part of the Upper Vindhyan Hills intermixed with plateaus and valley sections.
  • It was named after Madho Rao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior belonging to the Scindia dynasty of the Marathas.
  • The Park was the hunting ground of Mughal emperors and Maharaja of Gwalior.
  • It got the status of a National Park in 1958.
  • The Sakhya and Madhav Sagar lakes are two of the most critical zones of the park and are always surrounded by animals and birds seeking relief from the heat.
  • The Park is gifted with a diverse ecosystem comprising lakes, forests, and grasslands.
  • Vegetation — The Park represents the Northern Tropical dry deciduous mixed forest as well as dry thorn forest.
  • Flora — Some of the main tree species found inside the park include Khair (Acacia catechu), Salai, Kerdhai, Dhawda, Tendu, Palash, and others alike.
  • Fauna —
    • It is home to antelopes like Nilgai, Chinkara, Chowsinga, and Deer, including Chital, Sambar, and Barking Deer.
    • Animals like the Leopard, Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Wild Dog, Wild Pig, Porcupine, Python etc., are also sighted in the park.