The process is now under way to ensure the commercial availability of India’s indigenous vaccine Lumpi-ProVac to protect livestock from lumpy skin disease.


What is it?

Lumpi-ProVac has been developed by the National Research Centre on Equines, Hisar, Haryana, in collaboration with the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (Bareilly). The vaccine was launched by the Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar.


About the ‘Lumpy skin disease’

  • Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is an infectious disease in cattle caused by a virus of the family Poxviridae, also known as Neethling virus.
  • The disease is characterised by fever, enlarged superficial lymph nodes and multiple nodules (measuring 2–5 centimetres (1–2 in) in diameter) on the skin and mucous membranes (including those of the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts).
  • Infected cattle also may develop edematous swelling in their limbs and exhibit lameness.
  • The virus has important economic implications since affected animals tend to have permanent damage to their skin, lowering the commercial value of their hide.
  • Additionally, the disease often results in chronic debility, reduced milk production, poor growth, infertility, abortion, and sometimes death.