The U.S. Defense Secretary recently said that Germany has not decided whether to allow its Leopard 2 tanks to be sent to Ukraine, after a recent U.S.-led meeting of Ukraine’s allies ended with no consensus.


About Leopard 2 tank

  • It is a German made main battle tank.
  • Manufacturer — Developed by German weapons manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW).
  • Leopard was first produced in the late 1990s for the West German army in response to Soviet threats during the Cold War.
  • Range: 500km (311 miles)
  • Weight: 55 tonne
  • Top speed: 68 km/h (42mph).
  • Other Features —
      • These tanks are armed with a 120mm smoothbore cannon.
      • It is also armed with two coaxial light machine guns.
      • They also provide “all-round protection” for troops from threats such as mines, anti-tank fire, and improvised explosive devices
      • The Leopard 2 tanks are mainly used by the German military. More than a dozen countries in Europe as well as other countries like Canada are also using these tanks.