Ker Puja is an important festival for the people of Tripura who observe the day to worship Ker, the deity of Vastu Devata.



  • It falls at the end of Kharchi Puja, which is conducted to worship the fourteen gods who formed the dynasty deity of the Tripuri people.
  • Ker Puja 2022 is being observed on July 6. The festival is celebrated on the 8th day of the new moon in the month of July.
  • During the festival that is celebrated for 2.5-3 days, the entrances of the capital city of Tripura, Agartala, are closed.
  • The participants are not allowed to wear shoes, dance, sing or light a fire.
  • The Puja ceremony begins with a loud bang, and people are prevented from making any other loud noises during the festival.
  • It is believed that worshipping the guardian deity would save people from natural calamities or any other aggressive forces that might harm the state’s people.