In a special gesture towards the people of Mongolia, four Holy Relics of Lord Buddha are being taken from India to Mongolia for an 11-day exposition as part of celebrations of Mongolian Buddha Purnima falling on the 14th of this month.



  • The Holy Relics will be displayed at the Batsagaan Temple within the premises of Gandan Monastery.
  • The Holy Buddha relics, currently housed in the National Museum, are known as the ‘Kapilvastu Relics’ since they are from a site in Bihar first discovered in 1898 which is believed to be the ancient city of Kapilvastu.
  • It is another historic milestone in India-Mongolia relations and will further boost cultural and spiritual relations between the two countries.
  • Modi was the first-ever Prime Minister of India to visit Mongolia in 2015.


About Kapilavastu

Kapilavastu was an ancient city on the Indian subcontinent which was the capital of the clan of the Shakyas. King Śuddhodana and Queen Māyā are believed to have lived at Kapilavastu, as did their son Prince Siddartha Gautama (Gautama Buddha) until he left the palace at the age of 29.