National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has recently written to the Chief Wildlife Warden of Karnataka to furnish a status report on an illegal resort in the Castle Rock Wildlife Range of the Kali Tiger Reserve (KTR).


About Kali Tiger Reserve

  • Kali Tiger Reserve, earlier known as Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve is located in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka State. This belt of Uttara Kannada district is a part of the Western Ghats.
  • The Tiger Reserve comprises of two important protected areas of the region viz., Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park.
  • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary (475.018 sq km) and Anshi National Park (339.866 sq km) are contiguous to each other and form a single tract of protected area located in biologically sensitive Western Ghats.
  • River Kali River, which forms the major source of water for Uttara Kannada, flows through the tiger reserve and hence the name.
  • Vegetation — Forests  are primarily moist deciduous and semi-evergreen, with excellent patches of evergreen forests in the westernmost parts as well as in deep valleys.
  • Flora — Some common trees and plants here include: bintangur, Calophyllum wightianum, Malabar tamarind, Garcinia morella, Knema attenuata, Hopea wightiana, Tetrameles nudiflora etc.
  • Fauna —
      • It is known for housing many tigers, black panthers and elephants.
      • Other large mammals here are Indian bison, sloth bear, Indian wild boar, bonnet macaque, northern plains gray langur, gray slender loris, several deer including: barking deer (muntjac), mouse deer (chevrotain), sambar deer and spotted deer (chital or axis deer).