Union Education Minister recently launched an innovative learning material for foundational years of children called “Jaadui Pitara”.


About ‘Jaadui Pitara’

  • The ‘Jaadui Pitara’ or ‘Magic Collection is a play-based learning material for children in the age group of three to eight years.
  • It is launched by the Union Ministry of Education.
  • It has been designed on the motto of ”learning through play”, as envisaged in the new National Education Policy (NEP).
  • It comprises of playbooks, toys, puzzles, posters, flashcards, storybooks, and worksheets, as well as reflecting the local culture, social context, and languages.
  • It is designed to pique curiosity and accommodate the diverse needs of learners at the foundational stage.
  • It is developed under the curricular goals of National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage (NCF-FS) as recommended by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.
  • The resources on ‘Jaadui Pitara’ will be digitally available on DIKSHA platform – portal and mobile app.
  • The pitara is available in 13 Indian languages.


What is the National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage (NCF-FS)?

  • It is one of the four National Curriculum Frameworks (NCFs).
  • It is India’s first-ever integrated Curriculum Framework for children between ages 3-8.
  • It is a direct outcome of the 5+3+3+4 ‘curricular and pedagogical’ structure that NEP 2020 has recommended for School Education.
  • NCF-FS has been developed by NCERT through an extensive consultative process with States & Union Territories up to grass root level and various institutions and organisations.