INSV Tarini has set sail for an expedition to Cape Town, for participating in the Cape to Rio Race 2023.



  • INSV Tarini will start for an expedition to Cape Town, South Africa for participating in the 50th edition of Cape to Rio Race 2023.
  • This ocean sailing race will be flagged off from Cape Town on 02 Jan 23 and will culminate at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The race is one of the most prestigious Trans-Atlantic ocean races.
  • Transiting from Goa to Rio de Janeiro via Cape Town and back, INSV Tarini would be covering a distance of almost 17,000 nautical miles (approx. 30,000 km)
  • The crew, over a period of 5-6 months in this trans-oceanic voyage is expected to face extreme weather and rough sea conditions of the Indian, Atlantic and the Southern oceans.


What is INS Tarini?

  • It is the second sailboat of Indian Navy after INSV Mhedi.
  • It is known for circumnavigating the globe with an all-women officer crew in the historic expedition titled ‘Navika Sagar Parikrama’ in 2017.