Recently around 250 Indian Skimmers were sighted in Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary in a day during the Asian Waterbird Census-2023.


About Indian Skimmers

  • It is found in the coastal estuaries of western and eastern India.
  • It occurs primarily on larger, sandy, lowland rivers, around lakes and adjacent marshes and, in the non-breeding season, in estuaries and coasts.
  • About 20% of the total population of fewer than 2,500 birds nest along river Chambal.
  • Protection status: IUCN: Endangered


About the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It is a wildlife sanctuary and estuary situated in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Between this sanctuary area and the sea Hope Island blocks the direct confluence of the sea and Godavari. As a result, about 40% of the sanctuary is only sea backwaters and the rest of the area is intermingled with creeks and gets inundated with tidal waters.
  • Flora — It has extensive mangrove and dry deciduous tropical forests. It is the second-largest stretch of mangrove forests in India.
  • Fauna — It is home to the critically endangered white-backed vulture and the long-billed vulture.