The Union Cabinet recently approved the procurement of 70 HTT-40 basic trainer aircraft costing Rs 6,828 crore for the Indian Air Force.


About HTT-40 trainer aircraft

  • The Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40) is a basic trainer aircraft (BTA).
  • It is designed and developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
  • Features —
      • It is a turboprop aircraft designed to have good low-speed handling for better training effectiveness.
      • It has a maximum take-off weight of 2.8 tonnes.
      • It can achieve a top speed of 450 Km/hr and a maximum range of 1,000km.
      • The fully aerobatic tandem seat HTT-40 has an air-conditioned cockpit, modern avionics with multifunction displays, hot refueling, and zero-zero (zero speed and zero altitude)  ejection seats.
  • The aircraft will meet the shortage of BTAs for the training of newly inducted pilots of the Indian Air Force (IAF).
  • It will be used for basic flight training, aerobatics, instrument flying, and close formation flights, in addition to undertaking secondary missions such as navigation and night flying flights.


What is a turboprop aircraft?

  • A turboprop aircraft uses a turbo-prop engine rather than a piston-powered engine or a jet engine.
  • They have one or more gas-turbine engines connected to a gearbox that turns the propeller(s) to move the aircraft on the ground and through the air.
  • Turboprop aircraft have lower operating costs than jets because they burn less fuel, but they are also slower than jets.