A rare, well-preserved ancient human skull found in central China could be a million-year-old Homo erectus.


About ‘Homo Erectus’

  • Homo erectus or ‘upright man‘ is an extinct species of the human genus.
  • They most likely originated in Africa or Eurasia.
  • Fossils connected with this species have been found ranging from Africa all the way to Southeast Asia.
  • Homo Erectus had a similar range of body sizes to modern humans, and it is the first human ancestor to have similar limb and torso proportions to those seen in modern humans.
  • Homo Erectus’ ability to make complex tools was possible because of the strength and dexterity in its hands, which it owes to a certain hand-bone projection called a “styloid process”.
  • Homo Erectus appears to have been the first human species to control fire, some 1,000,000 years ago.
  • The species seems to have flourished until some 200,000 years ago (200 kya) or perhaps later before giving way to other humans including Homo sapiens.