Prime Minister has recently launched the ‘Hakku Patra’ (land title deed) distribution drive by distributing title deeds (hakku patra) to about fifty thousand beneficiaries of newly declared revenue villages in Kalaburagi, Karnataka.


What is Hakku Patra?

  • The word ‘Hakku’ means “the right”, and ‘Patra’ means a “paper” or “document”.
  • It is a legal document that states an individual’s rightful inheritance of a property.
  • It is issued to the nation’s underprivileged section, including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, urban slum dwellers, handicapped, and other disadvantaged populations.
  • In most cases, the land on which the Hakku Patra is issued is government-owned with a specific set of conditions attached.


Hakku Patra distribution drive

  • It is a part of the Ambedkar Rural Housing Scheme of Karnataka.
  • Under this, the government offers free registration of Hakku Patra land in the beneficiary’s name.
  • Any house built on the Hakku Patra land should be used as the beneficiary’s house and not for rental purposes.


Benefits of Hakku Patra

  • It makes you the legitimate owner of your land or property by giving an up-to-date and official record of who owns the land.
  • It is a state-guaranteed document.
  • The title deeds enable owners to avail of bank loans with the said document.
  • Hakku Patra registration resolves all types of disputes regarding the ownership or rights over the land.
  • The document helps in preventing any encroachment via trespassing on the boundaries.