The U.N.’s World Meteorological Organisation has come up with a new Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure.


About Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure

  • Currently, most GHG monitoring undertaken globally relies heavily on research capabilities and research funding.
  • The intermittent nature of most research funding and the competitive processes used for its allocation makes sustained global monitoring difficult to achieve.
  • The proposed Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Infrastructure will establish an internationally coordinated approach to observing network design, and to acquisition, international exchange and use of the resulting observations.
  • It will engage and closely collaborate with both the broader scientific community, and other UN agencies and international coordination entities involved in GHG monitoring activities.
  • The WMO’s new platform will integrate space-based and surface-based observing systems, and seek to clarify uncertainties about where GHG emissions end up.
  • It should result in much faster and sharper data on how the planet’s atmosphere is changing.