Getting India to Net Zero Report is prepared by the High-Level Policy Commission on Getting Asia to Net Zero.


About the report

  • The High-Level Policy Commission on Getting Asia to Net Zero was constituted by Asia Society Policy Institute, a New York-based think tank.
  • The report contains new research and modelling as well as recommendations about the policies necessary for the clean energy transition.
  • It also contains insights about how much India could benefit from achieving the Net Zero status.
  • This is the first report of the commission.



  • Ending new coal as soon as possible by 2023 and transitioning from unabated coal power by 2040 would be particularly impactful to get India to net zero emissions sooner.
  • By reaching net zero by 2050, India could boost annual GDP by as much as 7.3% ($470 billion), and create nearly 20 million additional jobs by 2032, compared with current policies.
  • Net zero emissions by 2070 would require an economy-wide investment of $10.1 trillion from now; 2050 calls for $13.5 trillion.