Russia has recently claimed that Ukraine is planning to use a dirty bomb.



  • It is a bomb that contains radioactive material, such as uranium, which is scattered through the air when its conventional explosive detonates.
  • It does not need to contain highly refined radioactive material, as is used in a nuclear bomb. Instead, it could use radioactive materials from hospitals, nuclear power stations or research laboratories.
  • This makes them much cheaper and quicker to make than nuclear weapons. They can also be carried in the back of a vehicle.
  • However, as weapons, they are very unreliable.
  • For the radioactive material in a dirty bomb to be scattered across its target zone, it has to be reduced to powder form.
  • But if the particles are too fine or released into strong winds, they will scatter too widely to do much harm.
  • Material used —
      • Cesium-137
      • Cobalt-60
      • Iridium-192
      • Dynamite