Recently, the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS has published standards for digital television receivers with built-in satellite tuners.



  • The Bureau of Indian Standards has published three significant Indian Standards in the area of Electronics.
  • The first standard is Indian Standard for digital television receivers with built-in satellite tuners.
  • The technical Committee has published an Indian Standard IS 18112:2022 Specification for television with built-in satellite tuners.
  • The TVs manufactured as per this Indian standard would enable reception of Free-To-Air TV and Radio channels just by connecting a dish antenna with LNB mounted on a suitable place, at the rooftop/side wall of the building.
  • This would facilitate the transmission of knowledge about government initiatives, schemes, the educational content of Doordarshan and the repository of Indian cultural programs to reach and benefit a wide segment of the population in the country at large.


What are Digital television receivers?

In this television in which the signals are transmitted in digital form and decoded by the television receiver.


About ‘Bureau of Indian Standards’

  • BIS is the only national body that frames standards.
  • It works under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India.
  • BIS is responsible for the harmonious development of the activities of standardisation, marking and quality certification of goods etc.
  • The Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) Act 2016 establishes the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as the National Standards Body of India.
      • The Act enables the Central Government to appoint any authority/agency, in addition to the BIS, to verify the conformity of products and services with the established standard and issue certificate of conformity.
      • There is a provision for repair or recall, of the products (bearing Standard Mark) that do not conform to the relevant Indian Standard.