Recently, the Inter-State Chanaka-Korata (Rudha) Barrage got environmental clearance.



Decks have been cleared for irrigating a part of the ayacut under under the inter-State Chanaka-Korata (Rudha) Barrage across the Penganga river with the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF) issuing Environmental Clearance to the project nearly four years after the process began in April 2019.


About Chanaka-Korata Barrage

  • It is a Telangana-Maharashtra joint project on the Penganga river to irrigate 6,677 hectares of land.
  • The project envisages the construction of a barrage across the Penganga river to irrigate an area of 6,677 hectares (5,463 hectares in Telangana and 1,214 hectares in Maharashtra).
  • The gross command area of the project is 10,442.913 hectares.


About ‘Penganga River’

  • Origin — It originates in the Ajantha ranges in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra.
  • It is a major tributary of the Wardha River (part of Godavari river basin).
  • The total length of the river is 676 Km.
  • The river flows along the State border between Maharashtra & Telangana before converging into Wardha river.
  • Tributaries — The main tributaries of the river are Adan, Kas, Arunavati Kayadhu & Pus.
  • The famous Sahastrakund falls on this river.