Tebma Shipyards Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of public sector Cochin Shipyard Limited has signed an agreement with Ocean Sparkle Limited (OSL) to build two 62-tonne Bollard Pull Tugs.


What are tugs?

  • A tugboat or tug is a marine vessel that manoeuvres other vessels by pushing or pulling them, with direct contact or a tow line.
  • These tugs have been designed and built under the classification rules of Indian Register for Shipping (IRS) with a service life of 20 years and are capable of assisting large naval ships, including Aircraft Carrier and Submarines in berthing, un-berthing, turning and manoeuvering in confined waters and in harbour.
  • They also provide afloat firefighting cover/assistance to ships alongside/anchorage and have limited capability for Search and Rescue operations.



  • The vessels will be built at Tebma Shipyards facility at Malpe in Karnataka.
  • The vessels will have a length of 33 metres and a breadth of 11.9 metres. The tugs can reach a speed of 12.5 knots and a Bollard pull capacity of 62 tonnes.
  • Ocean Sparkle Ltd, is a leading service provider in the Comprehensive Port Operations and Management Sector in the country.
  • Cochin Shipyard Limited recently took over Tebma Shipyards Ltd for the dedicated construction of tugs, specialised vessels such as dredgers, ferries and coastal vessels to cater to the market needs.


What is ‘Bollard Pull’?

  • Bollard Pull is a measure of the pulling power of a vessel, comparable to the horsepower rating of conventional vehicle engines.
  • It can be defined as the thrust that is developed by the propulsion systems of any vessel when it has a zero speed in the forward direction.