While speaking at the Boao Forum in China, President Xi Jinping has proposed a Global Security Initiative.



  • As per the Chinese President, Global Security Initiative will stay committed to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security.
  • It would oppose unilateralism, and say no to group politics and bloc confrontation.
  • This initiative would oppose the wanton use of unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction.



  • Build an Asian security model – This initiative would build an Asian security model of mutual respect, openness and integration. It would oppose the destruction of the international order under the banner of so-called rules. It will also oppose the dragging of the world under the cloud of the new cold war.
  • Oppose Indo-Pacific strategy of US – This initiative will oppose the use of the Indo-Pacific strategy to divide the region and create a new Cold War, and the use of military alliances to put together an Asian version of NATO.


About Boao Forum

  • Headquartered in China, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) is an international organisation (a non-profit organisation) jointly initiated by 29 member states (including Australia). BFA holds its annual conference in Boao, Hainan on a regular basis. However, its Secretariat is based in Beijing.
  • Described as Asia’s Davos (World Economic Forum), the idea of “Asian Forum” was unanimously accepted by the related Asian countries on the proposal of Vice-President of China, Hu Jintao in 1999. The first conference of BFA was held in 2001 in Boao, Hainan Province of China.
  • Theme for 2022 – “The World in COVID-19 and Beyond: Working Together for Global Development and A Shared Future.”
  • The founding purpose of BFA was to promote economic integration in Asia. Its mission now is to pool positive energy for the development of Asia and the world.
  • In the new era, the BFA, based in Asia and with a global outlook, adheres to one running theme of economic development, while expanding into five focal areas including technology innovation, health, education, culture and media in response to the new economy. BFA is committed to contributing to the peace, prosperity and sustainable development of Asia and the world.
  • In 2014, Indian business tycoon Ratan Tata was appointed as a member of the Board of Boao Forum. The post is a rare distinction for an Indian in the Chinese government-backed influential body.