The government has decided to set up language centres to prepare study material and courses for each of the 22 languages in the eighth schedule of the Constitution.



  • The centres, called bhasha kendras, will be established under the Union Ministry of Education’s Indian Knowledge System (IKS) initiative.
  • These language centres will be in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, that emphasises on promoting regional languages.
  • The centres will be given three broad responsibilities —
    • First, they will prepare small booklets of 100-200 pages of the IKS-related literature and manuscripts available in their designated languages.
      • The centres will also be translating these works into Sanskrit and English.
    • Second, these centres will be to enrich their designated Indian languages with modern science and social models.
      • They will be asked to translate 1,000 pages of material in other languages into their designated language.
    • Third, they will develop courses at the undergraduate level.