To increase the productivity of indigenous Badri cow, Uttarakhand Government is now planning for its genetic enhancement.


About the ‘Badri cow’

  • The Badri breed derived its name from the holy shrine of Char Dham at Badrinath.
  • It is found only in the hill districts of Uttarakhand and was earlier known as the ‘pahadi’ cow.
  • The cattle breed is small in size with long legs and varied body colours— black, brown, red, white or grey.
  • The USP of the Badri cow’s produce is indigenousness and environment (in the Himalayas), as it eats medicinal herbs and is far away from toxic pollution, polythene and other harmful things that cows in the plains are subject.
  • As the cow grazes only on herbs and shrubs available in the mountains, its milk has rich medicinal content and high organic value.
  • This cattle of Uttarakhand clinched the coveted title of being the first certified cattle breed of Uttarakhand after National Bureau Of Animal Genetic Resource included it as Badri breed.