Recently, a new study revealed that the Kashmir Valley has bucked the trend of Asiatic black attacks on humans rarely reported throughout the animal’s global range.


About the ‘Asiatic Black Bear’

  • The Asiatic black bear is known as the Moon bear.
  • The Asiatic black bear has 7 subspecies, out of which we find the Himalayan Black Bear subspecies in India.
  • Features The Asiatic Black Bear has a coat of smooth black fur and can be distinguished by a V of white fur on its chest.
  • Range — The Asiatic black bear lives in a narrow band stretching from south-eastern Iran to Myanmar, across the Himalayan foothills.
  • In India, it is found in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, and the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The Asiatic black bear is omnivorous.
  • Conservation status — IUCN Red List: Vulnerable; CITES: Appendix I; Wild Life Protection Act 1972: Schedule II.