Union Minister of Culture has visited the mini lake Anang Tal (Mehrauli, New Delhi) created in 1052 A.D by the founder king of Delhi Maharaja Anang Pal Tomar.



  • He instructed to finish the work of cleaning of Anang Tal and declare it a National Monument immediately.
  • The millennium old Anang Tal signifies the beginning of Delhi.
  • Anang Tal has a strong Rajasthan connection as Maharaja Anang Pal is known as nana (maternal grandfather) of Prithviraj Chauhan whose fort Rai Pithora is on the list of ASI.


Who was Anangpal II?

  • Anangpal II, popularly known as Anangpal Tomar, belonged to the Tomar dynasty that ruled parts of present-day Delhi and Haryana between the 8th and 12th centuries.
  • The capital of Tomars changed many times from being initially at Anangpur (near Faridabad) during the reign of Anangpal I (who founded the Tomar dynasty in the 8th century), to Dhillikapuri (Delhi) during the reign of Anangpal II.
  • The Tomar ancestry can be traced to the Pandavas (of the Mahabharata).
  • Lal Kot and Anangtal Baoli (in south Delhi) is supposed to be built by Anangpal II.
  • Anangpal Tomar II was succeeded by his grandson Prithviraj Chauhan, who was defeated by the Ghurid forces in the Battle of Tarain (present-day Haryana) after which the Delhi Sultanate was established in 1192.