The Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) successfully conducted the hot test of scramjet engine.


What is it?

  • In an air-breathing scramjet engine, air from the atmosphere is rammed into the engine’s combustion chamber at a supersonic speed of more than Mach two.
  • Process –
      • In the chamber, the air mixes with the fuel to ignite a supersonic combustion but the cruiser’s flight will be at a hypersonic speed of Mach six to seven.
      • So it is called supersonic combustion ramjet or Scramjet.
      • Air from the atmosphere was then rammed into the scramjet engine’s combustion chamber at a supersonic speed.
      • The air mixed with the atomised fuel, the fuel was ignited and the scramjet engine revved into action.
  • Benefits – Mastering the air-breathing scramjet technology will lead to the development of hypersonic missiles, faster civilian air transportation and facilities for putting satellites into orbit at a low cost.