Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greeted everyone on the special day of Aadi Krithigai.



  • Aadi Krithigai is an important festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Adi or Aadi.
  • In 2022, the date of Aadi Krithigai is July 23. The festival is dedicated to Lord Muruga or Subramanya.
  • Incidentally, the festival is also referred as Aadi Krittika, Kirthigai, Kritika and Krithika. The festival is celebrated with fervor in the Murugan Temples in Tamil Nadu.
  • As per some beliefs Muruga first appeared on Earth on Aadi Krithigai day.
  • Aadi Krithigai in some regions is celebrated to symbolise the victory of good over evil when Murugan slew the demon Surapadman.