1. Which of the following regions are home to India’s tiger population? 1. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve 2. Central India 3. South India Select the correct codes from below –

2.Consider the following statements with respect to the uses of ‘Trawl System’ developed by DRDO – 1. Placing naval mines in water to damage and prevent the entry of unauthorised vessels into Indian waters. 2. Trawling in a non-destructive form of bottom by fishermen in the Palk Bay. 3. Creating vehicle-safe lanes through minefields. Select the correct codes from below –

3. Which of the following statements is/are correct? 1. ‘Welfare of Labour’, ‘Trade Unions’ and ‘Labour disputes’ are subjects of the concurrent list. 2. Under no circumstance can a central law on a subject enumerated in the Concurrent List be superseded by a state law. Select the correct codes from below –

4. Which of the following is true about the recently launched ‘Operation Insaniyat’?

5. ‘Recurving’ tropical cyclones in Western Pacific – 1. Move towards the east with a poleward component. 2. Is a phenomenon associated with El Nino. 3. Can result severely affecting monsoon rains across India. Select the correct codes from below –

6. Mindanao province is a part of which country?

7. 42nd Amendment Act 1976 has frozen the population figure for delimitation purpose at the 1971 census and subsequent 84th Amendment has extended it till 2026. What is the purpose of this freezing?

8. Which of the following is/are the geo-engineering approaches to tackle climate change? 1. Thinning down cirrus clouds of the upper troposphere. 2. Injection of sulphate aerosols into the atmosphere. 3. Dumping iron solution into the oceans to encourage plankton to bloom. Select the correct codes from below -

9. Which of the following chemicals have been labelled as toxic by the Central Pollution Control Board and subsequently prohibited by the Supreme Court for use in fire crackers?

10. What is ‘Blue Whale Challenge’?

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